Who can benefit from a session

If you find yourself dealing with:
repetitive mood swings
sensation of being stuck in life
A wish to make a change without knowing what
Lack of self confidence
Lack of energy and passion to do whatever it is that you really want
Panic\anxiety attacks

Chronic pain or discomfort such as
back pain, stiff neck, tensed shoulders, problems in digestion
Recovery process as a result of an injury\operation

Theses sessions are for you.

In a personal process working through the body:
You can create clarity about your wishes
You can deal with sensations and emotions that rises without feeling overwhelmed
Your level of energy and attention will grow
You will feel more liberated inside your body and moving in space
You will be able to be attentive to what is right for you and your path with the heart
You will be given personal support and guidance with the challenges you are facing

* The process is designed and fitted for your measures and is in the pace and rhythm that are suited
    just for you.

In addition, there is also the possibility for a pampering Holistic Medical Massage, 
that is well known in its benefits:
Contributing to better blood circulation
Aiding for better functioning of the major systems in our body:
the Nervous, Lymphatic, Endocrine, Digestive systems
And in general, aides the body in its being as a whole