About me

My name is Neta and I’m a Qualified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method, the Pantarei Approach and a Certified Holistic Medical Massage Therapist.

Before I was familiar with the method, I was suffering from chronic back pain for several years. After an unlimited amount of doctors that just didn't know what to do with me, I almost reached the point that I understood that I might have to live like this. In addition to that, I went through a breakup that left me in a rocky emotional state. This joined to repetitive mood swings that made me feel stuck about my ambitions and wishes that I had in my life. They too became my regular and boring view, that I kind of gotten used to living with. To look at the world through this kind of prism is pretty discouraging, when everything is known in advance, nothing is really exciting or surprising, life just passes next to you and not through you and every day that passes basically looks the same as the one before.

My dear brother, who was in a personal process at the time, referred me to his practitioner and with her I’ve started a life changing journey. I don’t think I can ever be thankful enough to the road she made with me. I got a great gift and I wanted to share it with others, to touch other people’s life as she touched mine. With that being said, a short time after I’ve started my own personal process, I decided to become a practitioner myself and to start the studies. You can guess that the back pain, that I’ve suffered from for many years, are bygones and the mood swings that used to drop by every time they wished are not doing it anymore after I learned how I create them and how I can treat them with compassion and learn from them, if they  knock on the door.

I always knew that i wanted to work with people and to combine a form of touch with it, but i never really knew how until i met the Grinberg Method. These amazing studies and working with people changed my life from end to end and i'm thankful for the privilege that fell into my hands to take part in this. 

After being certified as a Grinber Method practitioner, i was certified as a practitioner of the Pantarei Approach.
The Pantarei approach is focusing on empowering people through their strengths and natural abilities to live full and rich life in flow.
In addition, i was certified as a Holistic Medical Massage Therapist.
I continue studying and enriching my knowledge and experience in any way i can think of and always looking for new ways to grow and evolve.
As far as i'm concern, i'm a student of life itself, so learning is an on going never ending process.

Hear Hear!

In my working room, i accompany people wishing to go through a process of personal development and empowerment through tools of conversation, attention, breathing and touch.
I took whatever was well for me form the tools that i was taught and added my own spices to it :) 

It seems useless to tell you what I did before and really irrelevant, with a background of marine biology and a degree in communication and business management. Who would have thought that I would reach this place, that i'm standing in right now. I am grateful that life is full of surprises and if you are attentive enough, the road you can take is so full of variety and there isn't one day that looks like the next.